GOLDBRIDGE!! Southampton 2-3 Manchester United Reaction

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Southampton 2-3 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Solskjaer's United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here
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Stuart Munro
Stuart Munro Måned siden
Ross county manager Kettlewell is the spitting image of David De Gea ,,Lol ,, take a look ,,they could be twins
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
positioning, heading, finishing and even tracking back and pressing.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
positioning, heading, finishing and even tracking back and pressing.
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Love this show, wake up early just to watch it ??
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Måned siden
positioning, heading, finishing and even tracking back and pressing.
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
he could've produced more, but, isn't his job to add more balance/stability in the team?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
The fantastic four coming to a town near you. Starring Edinson Bruno donny Fred .
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
stabilize the defence :( I believe he falls in the same basket as the players that gave their all to win the game. Another watch will make clear all the JOBS Matic was trying to do
Rock girl
Rock girl Måned siden
i remember when Mark was saying Cavani hadnt been good in 5 years lol. he had a 40 goals season in 2018...
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Måned siden
Nawaf Al-Harbi
Nawaf Al-Harbi Måned siden
benching martial because there is a replacement (cavani) if you bench rashy who well you play? pellestri? lingard?? as well as marcus was bad but he passed a nice ball to cavani which led to a goal martial he wither plays well or extremely bad
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
Anyone else double happy with Bruno captain in Fantasy football absolutely
Adyturns Plays
Adyturns Plays Måned siden
Klopp had a few years to get that Liverpool team going give ole more time and the players he wants and then see what happens.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
de gea was not at fault for the first goal and did well to get to the free kick 6 for me
Daf Måned siden
Ahh come on now Mark, Bruno was awful in the first half. As you say, even Stevie Wonder could see that. Now, that doesn't mean that I think he should have been taken off. He is a game changer and he can pull out goals and assists from absolutely nowhere. I really like that. He's consistent even if he isn't fully on the ball. No pun intended.
Rock girl
Rock girl Måned siden
Who won the 800 pound thing
Nathalie Boily
Nathalie Boily Måned siden
Cavani showed character and embodied the United mentality immediately he emerged! I hold u in high esteem Edison
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Måned siden
good job hosting in this video.
Bd bindas dance group
Bd bindas dance group Måned siden
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli Måned siden
We got an assist machine, I’ve beeeeen saying all we’ve needed to do was to get the ball to Cavani. That’s it
paul troalic
paul troalic Måned siden
Just a brilliant match. United were superb. Cavani was MOM for me.
John Pearson
John Pearson Måned siden
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Ash D
Ash D Måned siden
Fred was f#@king awesome, his fighting spirit is amazing and I'm glad we have a player like him at man united!
Ash D
Ash D Måned siden
Axel should come in for Maguire for a few games, a rest should do Harry a world of good 👍🏼
Ash D
Ash D Måned siden
Rashford needs to be less selfish when playing on the left wing, notice how he has the opportunity to put the ball across goal and play someone else in to finish but he holds on to the ball trying to score himself and the opportunity to get the assist passes him by. If he learns to focus on getting more assists and going for goal himself when it's absolutely guaranteed will take rashford to the next level and towards being the great player he can be, if Sancho came to United he would have given rashford a good idea of what a winger should be doing in terms of putting balls in to the box and racking up assists and goals
Ash D
Ash D Måned siden
Matic's performance didn't seem as good because it looked messy and all over the place but this was due to the fact that he was trying his best to help the centre backs and stabilize the defence :( I believe he falls in the same basket as the players that gave their all to win the game. Another watch will make clear all the JOBS Matic was trying to do
Jiha Kang
Jiha Kang Måned siden
I thought Matic did really well in the second half. He helped two center halves by covering half-spaces and two central midfielders with headers and defensive works. Of course, he could've produced more, but, isn't his job to add more balance/stability in the team?
PixelStacker Måned siden
Anyone else double happy with Bruno captain in Fantasy football absolutely
Ted Stan
Ted Stan Måned siden
ASandyPanda56 Måned siden
de gea was not at fault for the first goal and did well to get to the free kick 6 for me
Brayden Moorcroft
Brayden Moorcroft Måned siden
Who won the 800 pound thing
LILUnITd X Måned siden
DONT SLEEP ON FRED. Fred was class, and won the ball in important areas!
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo Måned siden
Man Utd with a proper manager can deliver but I was frustrated with how Southampton were comfortable passing the ball around and ole was as usual comfortable sitting on the bench.. I feel David de Gear gave a second goal easily and he got embarrassed then he only pretended to have been injured.... C'mon now, he's suppose to be a top class keeper as he's at man Utd... Cavani very experienced...
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Harrison Måned siden
Rashford is very selfish, this is the second time I've noticed that
Abdul Kalam
Abdul Kalam Måned siden
You forgot Dean Henderson
Doan Minh trang
Doan Minh trang Måned siden
Put some respect on Cavani. He was a difference. Looks like with more games he is becoming our new RVP. Lets use him more in this little time we have.
Trevor Sharkey
Trevor Sharkey Måned siden
De gear knows WP is going for that corner and give himself too much to do
Ben Branagan
Ben Branagan Måned siden
To all the Cavani haters that doubted him before he came 🤫sssshhhh
Nebuer Remraf
Nebuer Remraf Måned siden
i turned off the match at 2-0......i lost my faith :-( WHAT A COME BACK..absolutely stunning :-)
Slim Turk
Slim Turk Måned siden
MAG9 Soul
MAG9 Soul Måned siden
why dont u ask to bring josh king now?????????? u spastic
JerodimusPrime Måned siden
I'm still 100% Ole out. He's a nice guy, but he's not winning anything for United. Even in this game we were terribly lucky. We can't build a future when our playing is so inconsistent. Even now, I'm still not seeing a fixed style of play from Ole's United.
Sebastian Burrow
Sebastian Burrow Måned siden
Totally understand the Rashy and Martial issue. But the thing is Rashy is playing poorly but he's still providing goals and assists. Martial is not. At the back end of last season, everyone was pulling their weight. I hope he pulls through and performs but for me, he needs to get back to playing on the left. Cavani to start up top, mans a predator
bardistass Måned siden
Tony Celestino
Tony Celestino Måned siden
Goldbridge said he didn't want Cavani , he was washed out ! Wrong again
Tony Celestino
Tony Celestino Måned siden
Waiting for " have we turned a corner ? "
tenesh nesh
tenesh nesh Måned siden
There is an agenda against fred. Let's talk about that 😂
Paramount Måned siden
Mark has no shame in praising Cavani after his tantrum he threw when we signed him.....
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson Måned siden
Rashford is the English version of David Bellion
Kemar Phang
Kemar Phang Måned siden
When martial and Cavan plays up front this can be a serious striking force, just hooe they don't get selfish for goals and make the right decisions
Jahidi Chin
Jahidi Chin Måned siden
Cavani played for the badge absolute star
Kee Keong Liew
Kee Keong Liew Måned siden
All vdb did was just pass the ball away, whether the pass is necessary or useful.....its more like getting rid of the ball before he makes a mistake, then being involved with the state of the game......
Brian Casa
Brian Casa Måned siden
For those who have followed Cavani for time, know that he is a top top professional/ attacker! The way he moves pass, press many years of good football! His a top guy! Never doubted him!
Manni Aujla
Manni Aujla Måned siden
Cavani has highlighted what many of us United fans have been saying for years.. Martial & Rashford are not out and out strikers and neither would have scored the goals Cavani scored yesterday. Cavani, Zlatan, Lewandowski & even Haaland now, these kind of strikers are pure predators in the box and win you way more matches than having a Martial or Rashy as your main striker!
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom Måned siden
Cavani was tying his shoes after second half kickoff because he was going to win the "tie" at extra time. Buzzziiiiiing!
Anthony Tomln
Anthony Tomln Måned siden
I was a bit worried about Cavani when we signed him. But boy he proved me wrong.the you strikers take note and learn.
Raja Madhav
Raja Madhav Måned siden
This guy always talks about Agenda to protect English players, then he has the Greatest agenda against British Players...and still he likes Rashford...what a prat.
Shotaway Films
Shotaway Films Måned siden
Cavani a masterclass.Van de beek impressive.Bruno a human dynamo.
DIlyan_is_Red Subashki
DIlyan_is_Red Subashki Måned siden
Mark ‼️ change Cavavi photo on the ratings graphic He look like an idiotic Musketeer....
Thompson Ukpebor
Thompson Ukpebor Måned siden
Bruno lost ball 30x times. He got a goal but he was poor
xqz Måned siden
Andy LEE
Andy LEE Måned siden
we have to strengthen our backs. both our backs r useless
Ganief Petersen
Ganief Petersen Måned siden
Pay bruno pogbas wage🙌
eric ebonu
eric ebonu Måned siden
we found out that we actually missed a number 9
HD Cerebro
HD Cerebro Måned siden
Where are the Ole out guys ? 😂😂😂😂
WE DID IT😄😄😁😃😃😃👍👍👍
Aswin Menon
Aswin Menon Måned siden
Telles had a poor game
Anandaraj838 Anandaraj838
Anandaraj838 Anandaraj838 Måned siden
sell martial.... i dont miss him....
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza Måned siden
I hope De gea is not injured
dean odean
dean odean Måned siden
rashford had an oky game not a bad game look at how many times bruno lost the ball but since he is mid field he got it more times rashy gave us an assist to win if it way martial mark would be buzzing what else did you want from rashy brono also missed
Quinn O'Connor
Quinn O'Connor Måned siden
You lot talking about Jadon Sancho all summer... Cavani was a " panic buy" lol. You guy have so little football talent knowledge.
Fernando Anaya
Fernando Anaya Måned siden
I was wrong about Cavani, pissed that they brought him in but he's been playing well and his work rate is good as well. I'm happy with his performances.
David C
David C Måned siden
Rashford was so bad until the assist, it's like he doesn't know what to do with the ball sometimes.
rouel wilson
rouel wilson Måned siden
Don’t need the right boots when your deadly with headers and space and movement. When last we scored two headers in a match.... I looked at his moments and am like damn no one in our team would have made those movements...
The Legends
The Legends Måned siden
Today it was not zonal marking as saints were near de gea so rashford was marking bednerk.
JahJahyute Måned siden
🇯🇲 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix Måned siden
Pochettino used to lose 15 premier league games every season with Son & Kane.
Lake of Avalon
Lake of Avalon Måned siden
No Pogba = *WIN* As simple as that. Told you guys. We've won 4 games on the trot without him now. Get rid off him asap. 150M for that kind of player would be a huge bonus for us.
Angeles Jenny
Angeles Jenny Måned siden
I hope nobody ever disrespects Cavani anymore, form is temporary class is permanent what a legend Cavani!!!!, WHAT A MASSIVE WIN LADS GGMUUU❤️❤️❤️
Socman2020 Måned siden
Bruno execution may have been poor first half but his intent was ever present which is hard to really notice unless you're on the field defending against him.. every time he got on the ball southampton automatically regressed and that bought us valuable seconds in their 3rd of the field.. n tbh I had seen very little of dvb prior to his arrival but the positions he takes up and his awareness of the space is something I havent seen in a midfielder since paul scholes.. not that I am comparing them
CF Ent
CF Ent Måned siden
El Matador
Mathias Lindquist
Mathias Lindquist Måned siden
LFG Mark!!
Socman2020 Måned siden
Ole deserves to not have any stupid videos out about weather poch or whoever else is coming in and should be giving a vote of confidence from the fanbase from now until after the xmas period at least, sick of having to argue his point every week when he has shown time and again he has the blueprint.. INOLEWETRUST
Eric Onah
Eric Onah Måned siden
Bruno played a "tired" football today. He managed to get a goal which is wonderful but he clearly was wasting balls today.
Jonathan Pelham
Jonathan Pelham Måned siden
We won in “Ole Time!”
SuperUberChimp Måned siden
It's getting annoying how everyone says Ole out every fucking time we lose a game. This team is gonna be awesome and Ole built it from scratch when he was handed a total shitshow. It's definitely improving. Still think we need another CB but it's getting there.
Sherif Fehintola
Sherif Fehintola Måned siden
PSG let cavani go what has he revived himself now or was he on massive wages there
TerryLeeMurphy11 Måned siden
We should lay into Rashford more,what a stupid negative comment how about getting behind the boys.
Jon Corrick
Jon Corrick Måned siden
Hi Mark maybe you make it you can't vote until after 70mins gone in the game
Miguel Mohaba
Miguel Mohaba Måned siden
I have to fear that the loudest fans have very little football intelligence, I never compare our players and I love all of them but no two fingers are the same tho all needed for a complete hand and Rashford not even close to Martial .... stop it
Nirala Buragohain
Nirala Buragohain Måned siden
Rashford was rubbish
Ery Cahyadi
Ery Cahyadi Måned siden
I think the lost no.7 is in Bruno but still center defender is the position that ole's must prioritize
Youngboii Jaden
Youngboii Jaden Måned siden
Fred is so underrated💯💯
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali Måned siden
What y’all gonna say now Cavani is the man put some respect on that man
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 Måned siden
Mark loves Cavani now!? When we signed him, mark said over and over that he has never liked Cavani as a player. A player that had been in the top 10 strikers in world football for around 10 yrs. Mark loves Man Utd but knows absolutely bugger all about the game. What a Pratt!
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes Måned siden
Brilliant comment Ole might not win anything but has set up good culture and something to build on with next manager 👌👍
G.K Måned siden
And Cavani has won it!!!
megablah1 Måned siden
Fred only a 6.6. wtffffffffff
Altruistic Måned siden
We won which is important but don't act like it was a great performance. Yes this is for you deluded fans. For most of the match we looked like we were playing with 9 men.
Helge Alme
Helge Alme Måned siden
Yes it has to be balance in the critics - Remember that next time Mata plays ;-) Fucking brillinant - what a game . brilliant tacticts by Ole.. We had them after 20 minutes, two lucky goals .- but Ole had the way to turn it around... Brilliant managment 9/10 again.. like always.. He is the ONE.. Is there any manager that has more points since febuary ? and with this team .. fucking brilliant .. Puch my ass.. Pep is way behind with that team . Klopp is just ahead with his team .. Lampart is behind after bying every player in Europe.. Get real people!!!
Abdullah AAA
Abdullah AAA Måned siden
Martial and Rashford are not good enough if we want to win the league they are ok if we only want to fight for top four ! (Truth hurts )
FruitPunchie Måned siden
One conclusion from the game: Ole is very lucky lucky man.
Lynsey Barber
Lynsey Barber Måned siden
Great result
Alpha Jagne
Alpha Jagne Måned siden
Knnnn I don't know what sarcasm is the only one who struggles to be a lot of things in the@
eslermanu47 Måned siden
Marcus is too inconsistent he must get better or he will end up at west Brom or Burnley.
eslermanu47 Måned siden
Why does De Gea not anticipate free kicks ward price does the same thing everytime he should have been two feet nearer that side
Feena Smith
Feena Smith Måned siden
Rashford gets a lot of criticism, like when people call him Trashford.
Fernando Anaya
Fernando Anaya Måned siden
No one is saying he doesn't get criticism. It's the AMOUNT of criticism he gets vs. Martial doesn't compare.
eslermanu47 Måned siden
Cavani must teach Rashford and Greenwood all about playing centre forward if we had not him we would have lost today Marcus misses to many chances as does greenwood.
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