Stephen Hope
Stephen Hope 13 timer siden
First team against Fulham, play second team in FA Cup...(this year, not the year for cup runs)
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 13 timer siden
We should sign Erling Haaland for Center-Back. He's left-footed, quick, physical, and good on the ball.
1shhd 13 timer siden
Sex party person was Kyle walker
Murathime 13 timer siden
The day ole will get an injury in that midfield he will use donny and he will regret for the rest of his life because dony would have won him the mancity game the liverpool game and Chelsea game he is a very clever player but ole and his favouritism cant see that
S Sheldon
S Sheldon 13 timer siden
The way Bailly is playing, another CB would certainly solidify the back. Will Dead Woodward go for the title and pry open his change purse?
Mahli Pul
Mahli Pul 13 timer siden
Alaba is going real madrid m8
Kulson 13 timer siden
Alaba is not that good. Don't understand the hype.
James Winny
James Winny 13 timer siden
Aside from our center back issue, the biggest other issue is a lack of consistent attacking options on the right wing. If Diallo stays true to his talents we will have solved one big issue and will be a step closer to being a regular contender for trophies. GGMU
Keith Mc Auley
Keith Mc Auley 13 timer siden
It was Walker! No?
negOshEAte 13 timer siden
Dude already did medical at RM 😂 United Sit
David C
David C 13 timer siden
Mark: everyone is entitled to an opinion, one minute before that shoots someone down for having an opinion
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 13 timer siden
Utd are not in the running for dabala. It has been confirmed he is going to Madrid on a free.
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield 13 timer siden
if we pay 35 mil for diallo it will mean he has done well
Liam Spinks
Liam Spinks 13 timer siden
I think that we should start our new boy against Sheffield united I really think that we will batter Sheffield united it's the perfect game for our new player
Graham Robinson
Graham Robinson 13 timer siden
Zein go banter a mid table team. We’ve left you behind
Thibault Axel Habineza
Thibault Axel Habineza 13 timer siden
Alaba is on is way to real🤡😂
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock 13 timer siden
Last season we beat all the top sis try on remember.
MUFC 2006
MUFC 2006 13 timer siden
Phil jones is probably with his family
jarzhinio 13 timer siden
If we stick with Ed's cool, calm decision making strategy in the transfer market and get our 'brilliant footballing people' involved then we have every chance of making a season defining January signing.. as early as 2035-6
Eduardo Yepez
Eduardo Yepez 13 timer siden
What the bloody hellos wrong with your eye mate?
Chris.P Bacon
Chris.P Bacon 13 timer siden
not being beat away for a year is great but we aint arsenal, they celebrate this sort of thing lol what have we won in this year of un beaten away from home? raise your bar mark it's dropping lol
Samuel Lewis
Samuel Lewis 14 timer siden
I’m going to Real Madrid too
Lesedi Mokemane
Lesedi Mokemane 14 timer siden
These journalists upset me, they never ask questions about transfers
Mr Bille
Mr Bille 14 timer siden
The Norwegian journalist asks irrelevant Norway related question like who cares?
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 14 timer siden
Be wary of Fulham...they are fighting to stay in the Prem. Utd need to now be ruthless..you hear that Rashford. The world Chess Champion is Norwegian. Magnus Carlsen. That would be the question to ask. Clever people.
MUFC 2006
MUFC 2006 14 timer siden
Maguire got nutmeg by a Bournemouth player who have been regulated
sam p
sam p 14 timer siden
Really hope we get to see Donny in the deeper position and let Pogba play the advance yes he’s a deeper midfielder but he loves playing more advance give him a game where he can just show how good he is while he’s in form
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] 14 timer siden
nah he needs a rest
Jak E1
Jak E1 14 timer siden
Donny will be used for europa
Makainternational 14 timer siden
United should really have used this window productively. United should have bought a centre back and a CDM. The players would have a run for the second half of the league and settle in. Come September, they will have already had time at the club. Signing players on deadline day in August is not ideal. It’s panic buying! Ole has done well with what he has and so have the players this year. However, our biggest obstacle is not Liverpool or City, it is United’s board, Woodward and the Glazers. They are probably patting themselves on the back for United being top, yet they are the ones that have always held United back and still are!
H p 2021
H p 2021 14 timer siden
We can't drop no more points until the big 6
Shane Treacy
Shane Treacy 14 timer siden
Can someone please ask Rashford to stay onside?
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh 14 timer siden
The Van de Beek situation reminds me of Ferguson signing Mark Bosnich and Neil Webb, and then not giving them a look in
Fifa pro
Fifa pro 14 timer siden
Mark goldbridge at the end😂
Rumel Ali
Rumel Ali 14 timer siden
Let's have diallo on sunday
J J 14 timer siden
Petition to find out what Phil Jones does during the day!?
kwl189 13 timer siden
I’d love to get paid to sit around and do nothing like Phil Jones
Eddy otu
Eddy otu 14 timer siden
I think that every time
Taya Morris
Taya Morris 14 timer siden
In lockdown U/S is a brilliant show a big thank you to all the team
JAWAXX 14 timer siden
Alaba is going to Real madrid for free
J J 14 timer siden
Oh Marky boy, you’re full of them today. “Ole’s drilling it into them” Quality 👏🏽👏🏽😂
Eddy otu
Eddy otu 14 timer siden
Lol the bruno love is blinding 😅
Keezan 14 timer siden
we. are. top of the league, say we are top of the league -mark
Arron Craig
Arron Craig 14 timer siden
The fact that Rashford actually didn't pass to Cavani in such an important game is actually disgusting.
Oge Marony
Oge Marony 14 timer siden
Give VDB n Diallo game time,rest Pogba.
New Happiness
New Happiness 14 timer siden
Is Rashford getting a free ride because he can feed the kids but he’s not doing it for his team mates
Eddy otu
Eddy otu 14 timer siden
Hey dont smear his humanitarian stuff off the pitch that is quality but I agree his service to the players is shady
Charlotte Hopper
Charlotte Hopper 14 timer siden
We should play lingard every week
Charlotte Hopper
Charlotte Hopper 14 timer siden
we should agree with me
MUFC 2006
MUFC 2006 14 timer siden
16:30 it’s the same thing for ole and Lampard the British press go in on ole when he’s not doing well but not Lampard
kwl189 13 timer siden
They’re all buddy buddy with Lampard because a lot of the pundits etc have played with Lampard. Lampard couldn’t live with the pressure that Ole has been put under since he took the job
John Bird
John Bird 14 timer siden
No no no to Ramos!
dwizzs 14 timer siden
I don’t see anyone call Shaw these things anymore. Think we can stop talking about that anymore. Living in the past. The Shaw know we all loving it
Ethan Robins
Ethan Robins 14 timer siden
How do you know that you pleb
Austriang17 14 timer siden
Wicked show!!!! Loved every minute of it. Big up Flex and KG. Yardman ting!
Muiris o connor
Muiris o connor 15 timer siden
Anyone else see United Instagram spamming with VDB, thought they would give him a game
Derek Keogh
Derek Keogh 15 timer siden
Ffs people we are shite! We have improved a little but thats it ..we are a little above shite
lewis Chapman
lewis Chapman 15 timer siden
I’d only take Costa if we got sancho aswell
J. B.
J. B. 15 timer siden
Bruno looks absolutely knackered. That doesn't mean he sucks. Rotate the squad. We got depth...we should use it.
Dell Amen
Dell Amen 15 timer siden
No matter the players signed for ole, he cannot win United the title. Ole does not take risk and we should have won against liverpool looking at their defensive problems. We went to anfield to hit them on counter. how? so disappointing. Instead of playing football we were focusing on draw to be at the top forgotten other clubs.
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 15 timer siden
3-1 haha yeah like Burnely ... I would not mind how we set VS the biggest teams.... if we actually controlled the rest of the games and played convincingly... not besting 1-0 vs Burnley with reflective goals... this is whay i dont think this manager is good enough
NLV Films
NLV Films 15 timer siden
We are absolutely crying out for a proper Right Winger.
ohhdanielson 15 timer siden
Play Donny and Pogba in the middle behind Bruno. We should be able to dominate that midfield and not need a holding player against Fulham.
Red Devil
Red Devil 15 timer siden
Were going to have so much injuries soon unless ole starts using donny and the rest of our players
DVB must start at Bruno place. Bruno really need rest.
David Smethurst
David Smethurst 15 timer siden
I don’t think Ole realises how much he is annoying fans not playing Donny and playing McTominay. Not to mention playing the disloyal Pogba before him. Thus one decision keeps highlighting how conservative and stubborn he is
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 14 timer siden
@David Smethurst There must be a reason why Ole still trust him. They probably had a talk and Ole heard Pogba's version. We judge from outside and what the media feed us. We never know what's going on behind the scene.
David Smethurst
David Smethurst 14 timer siden
@Tres Kaz because on the eve of our European cup match against Leipzig his agent Said he wanted to leave united and attacked the club. He did not contradict these remarks or reprimand his agent. It’s also not the first time he has done this. If that’s not disloyal I don’t know what is! This was only a few weeks ago and he still gets to play?
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 14 timer siden
What makes you say that Pogba is disloyal?
Lives 4You
Lives 4You 15 timer siden
Before Bruno the media was doing with pogba is a disgrace
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick 15 timer siden
Please,this time,let VAN DE BEEK start!
Upon-Fe 15 timer siden
So, what does everyone think of the Norwegian Skiing team?
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 15 timer siden
We just have to be honest , Ole is not levels you this. Making obvious mistakes will cost us this title
Daily Tech
Daily Tech 15 timer siden
Getting past wan bissaka. Nice try Mark😀
Jack & the headbangers
Jack & the headbangers 15 timer siden
Alibaba is going to Madrid...dunno y mark even talks about him coming to United, even though he himself says so..
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 13 timer siden
Yes it has been confirmed alaba is going to Madrid on a free in summer. Not utd Madrid.
Archie Thomson
Archie Thomson 15 timer siden
Shaw is British and he gets lots of unneeded stick
MUFC 2006
MUFC 2006 14 timer siden
Zain Ali
Zain Ali 15 timer siden
Is he doing career mode?
mo hussain
mo hussain 15 timer siden
Matt you are always spot on! Keep up the good work pal
Adrian Enge
Adrian Enge 15 timer siden
Unpopular opinion: the norwegian skiing team is the best in the world.
Rival 15 timer siden
Donny will get his game time at some point.
Dan 14 timer siden
Lol we've been saying that since September last year.
Darkstar8473 15 timer siden
Martial never has good games.
Dan 14 timer siden
You probably thought he was worse than rashford against Liverpool smh
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 14 timer siden
Who plays better than him?
MUFC 2006
MUFC 2006 14 timer siden
Dre Mac
Dre Mac 15 timer siden
It’s funny how Ricky been saying this about Bruno but everyone criticize Ricky but now Beth is saying the same thing .. Ricky miles ahead
Jack Shit
Jack Shit 15 timer siden
We need to sign a few forwards, we're more limited up front than at the back and our forwards are too inconsistent.
Henri Vargas
Henri Vargas 15 timer siden
i don,t think you trust
leveyManUK 15 timer siden
I think we have handled the covid situation the best out of most clubs
Lyrical 15 timer siden
we need some firebender attackers
Sweet Dallas
Sweet Dallas 15 timer siden
Amad Diallo is a better signing than the injury prone Dembele from Barca for a crazy inflated price, plus he's years younger. He's like a found little hidden Gem, Looks very promising....
Sharzil kamal
Sharzil kamal 15 timer siden
Bruno was sad to go up at 87 min and people think vdb will start against fulham just after that incident .pufff
effortlessGFX 13 timer siden
He threw a tantrum and didn’t even high five young Greenwood coming on. Get your finger out if his arse... ffs.
lengandsweet 15 timer siden
City city city